Monday, August 26, 2013

League Assignment- Hello my name is...

Well I have not done one of these in awhile....To tell something about myself.   I have already given my life story a few times.

Those were my JW days...But after that?
This is me at Monster Cafe.  This topic would have been SO much better for me had I had a camera.  Ughhh....

I am going through a fit of nostalgia lately.  I have been doing these awesome wrestling playsets which I totally love and will keep doing for awhile.  But also I am wanting some toys from my childhood.  Am feeling really nostalgic for them.  As soon as I get some money I will be ebaying some of them.

I have also come to understand that I live in Mexico.  For good or bad.  I will probably be staying here for life.  It is much cheaper than the states etc.  I have lived here 7 years now.  It is kinda like home.  I DO miss Taco Bell, Olive Garden etc.  But really it is just a trip away to Texas for all of that.  So for now I am trying to be content with what I have.  We are fortifying the place with metal coverings over the windows etc.  The cafe has been doing awesome as of late since we are in our fifth year of operating it.  I hope to continue.  It is our bread and butter as they say.

Could I be happier?  Sure.  But that is only because I do not have a dog and a garden.  Those are two things I really want in this life.  I am 41.  I think I finally know who I am.  Alot of people are still searching for who they are.  So that is good.

So giddy up!


  1. Glad to know you sir. I find it interesting that so many of us in our age group are realizing who we are. A dog and garden seem easy enough to accomplish. Keep pursuing your desires.

    1. Likewise! Wish I had your Star Wars collection!

  2. Giddy Up indeed sir! Giddy Up indeed. You'll get that dog... and that garden. Or you'll get that dog and NAME it Garden. Either way.

    Keep up the blogging man! (And e-mail me some mailing info already).