Monday, October 22, 2012

League assignment- Halloween traditions...

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! What are your Halloween traditions?

Since I have not celebrated Halloween in 18 years due to being a witness I do not have any.  BUT....Since I started Monster Cafe the cafe is usually full on Halloween.  A few years ago we had people in costumes and announced via the music group playing who won for best costume.
This is the only pic I have left of that year....

I think the band is WELL done.  Hopefully more will turn up this year in costume. 
 But like I have blogged about recently we have our first pumpkin!  So really this would be my first in 17 years to get right down to it.  I hope it is a blast.  My mother Nydadivida had a Thanksgiving tradition I remember when I was a lad....Everyone had to say the F word around the table.  Yeah...REALLY great parenting huh?
I am the first Leaguer done it appears.  I will put up three links to other leaguers blogs as soon as they are done.  I notice some asshats not putting other leaguers up at all.  I think they need to RE READ the rules! Branded in the 80s!  Good stuff!!!  Love his blog too!
Geek till it hurts is lining up movies.

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