Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday wishlist- top 10 nonmonster kits I want

Oh yeah it is Wednesday....And since I have already talk about all things monstery, this list is for the top 10 model kits I am looking for.  I like model kits alot.  I like the opportunity to paint them and make them my own.  Kids do not do model kits today.  That is a real shame.  So here goes...
1. The Wooly Mammoth- This was one of the first kits I ever got as a kid.  My sweet mother Anne helped me to put it together.  Wish I had it today.  Hope they reissue it again.

2. Six Million Dollar man- The Bionic Bustout!  I saw this kit as a kid.  Always wanted it but never had it.  It is a great action scene.

3. Moebius Spiderman and Green Goblin- I would so mount these on the wall.  Great looks to them.  This was one of the first kits that Moebius had of Marvels.
4. Green Lantern- What an awesome model kit!  Hopefully Moebius will release more!  I know Superman is on the way but I would like to see Flash and Hawkman.
5. Revell Batman and Robin- I had these twice and circumstances beyond my control I tossed them.  Would love to have them back one day.
6. Polar Lights Spiderman- Look at that!  It also includes Kraven the Hunter!

7. Revell Superman- The Classic Superman model kit!  So much action him busting down the wall!  I think the new Moebius will be exciting.
8 AMT Star Wars R2D2 van-  Wow...That is so much nostalgia right there!  Hell I would love to do a REAL custom van like this!

9. The planet of the apes boxed set-  I loved those kits as a kid.  Wish the other ones would be re released one day.
10. The Enterprise- What a great kit for back then!  Looks like they are re releasing this one.  Hopefully I find it in Texas. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am a Star Wars guy....AND a little behind...

So wifey and I shop till we drop today buying stuff for the cafe....So I was out in Mexico central not knowing what just happened.  I come back to find Topless Robot talking about something.  THEN my computer decides to be slow as Christmas as I am awaiting said news to load. 

Disney has bought Star Wars.....AND they are coming out with another one in 2015?  Will the world even be around by then?  With talk of economic collapse who knows?  But WOW!  I thought it was over with episode 3.  Here we go...

Will Luke be in it?  Meaning Mark Hamill?  Carrie Fisher?  They better start filming their scenes soon before they croak...

Is Indiana Jones included in this deal?

Now with Disney owning Howard the Duck via Marvel AND George Lucas could they do another one?

I just hope it means MORE TOYS!!!!

The only thing that would send me off my seat like a little girl is if Disney also acquired the WWE...

New Toy Tuesday-The FIRST

When the Incredible Hulk TV show was airing they came out with an episode in the fourth season called the First.  It was about an old man who first became the Hulk.  He was a werewolf type hulk guy.  Very scary looking.
He scared me so bad as a kid.  This was in 1981 mind you.  It has stuck with me since.  I love having all of the seasons on DVD now.  Anyways so I do not have a Hulk figure as of yet in the Marvel universe line and am awaiting for Saltillo to get off it's tocus and get one here.  So I have to make due.  With that said my THE FIRST is this figure...
Yeah I know...It is just Blanka from Street Fighter.  I know NOTHING about SF so I won't bother.  I am using this cat in my Marvel universe.  So the FIRST wildly becomes the creature and bounds from his hillbilly town to....

The Savage land!  Oh oh....Watch out FIRST, here comes a Veliciraptor about to try to take a chunk outta your hide.  With strength like the Hulk though I do not think it will be a problem.

Monday, October 29, 2012

League Assignment- OR NOT....Monday edition

Hmm....The one Monday I do not prepare a Memory Monday post because I was breathlessly awaiting a league topic and it is CLOSED for today!  Dag rabbit rabbit rabbit....So I gotta come up with a memory Monday or some other topic here.  With that said....

I know some of you might not remember I had my art guy create me a little art about a year ago.  Here it is...
I plan to hang it over my Dungeons and Dragons collection....IF I ever get one....
So I am commissioning him to make me something new....

I am making my first and probably one and only for me...DC comics sign.  I plan to hang it above my DC comics collection one day...IF I ever get one....Now this sign should be ready in about 2 months if I am lucky so I will post the results then.  I am so happy with the Dungeon sign so it was time to do another one.  Now you may ask....Hobby is a Marvelite so why start with DC?  Because I cannot make up my frickin mind what Marvel heads I want!  I am limited to 12.  Arghhh.....I am trying to focus my Marvel sign to the seventies but with 12 I want to represent ALL the comics of then.  Tough to do right?  But I will cross that bridge when I come to it.  After this sign is completed. 
So the question is....Of the 12 heads above.  Should I swap out any?  I think having Batgirl AND Robin in there is redundant if I have Batman already.  So who would you guys replace them with.  I know Kal will say there is always room for Batgirl.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Score Sunday- DVD day! The Rider from Mars protocol.

Was out with Wifey doing Monster Cafe kinds of things when I said let's go to Blockbuster....So she happily went.  Picked up three movies on our list.

I am not like other people...I have not seen these but probably will like them.  I usually like everything I blind buy except for the new Clash of the titans movies....These betta be good! 
EDIT since I bought them a few days ago.
Ok...Mission Impossible 4 was terrific!  Great film!  Had a joy watching it as did wifey.  We are on Ghost rider 2 now and the beginning 20 minutes looks like someone shot it with a shaky cam.  Vomit inducing how much it wiggled.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Freaky Friday- Rocky Horror picture show

It is Friday...Freaky Friday where I talk about something weird and wild.  This week is a beloved film called the Rocky Horror picture show.  Way back in 1991 my girlfriend at the time ....this girl....
Yeah her parents took us to see the Rocky Horror picture show in Atlanta.  After the show I ran down when they offered for anyone to join the cast.

I got the T shirt!  Great shirt.  Wifey has one too.

Got Tim Curry's autograph hanging proudly in the Monster Cafe...

Oh yeah...I got the Rocky Horror tattoo.  Am I hardcore or what?
I got the double DVD of it with Shock treatment!

Yeah...I was in a cast too.  Lord have mercy.  I was pretty much exclusively Rocky.

There is my EX friend Damian as FrankNFurtur.  Notice how badass I am...My first day of college and what is that behind me?  The 1990 anniversary poster!

Well I finally got my chance to play Frank...At the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  I was a little buff then but I got double A's by the teacher for my performance.  I also joined the original cast in New York for around a year back in 2000.  That was really great working with the people that basically started it.  I felt it a great honor to be included in the founders of Rocky Horror.
Here is another picture of me as Frank from AADA.  I actually sang sweet transvestite.

Great times.  I have realized something over the years.  I would SO join a cast today if my wife would let me.  And if I had the time to do it.  And I was in a little better shape. I really liked doing Rocky Horror.  I love horror movies and all the things that go with Rocky Horror.  The commraderie etc. 

Controversial Thursday: Halloween edition...

Yeah  it is controversial Thursday where someone gets pissed off after I do....This month October is Halloween.   I am a huge fan of Halloween as evidenced by my Monster Cafe.  I love it.  I eat it up.  So this particular asshattery might seem a little harsh to people out there....But that is what Thursdays are all about.  So what gets under my skin?

This....How in the world could these normal  kids get under my skin you ask?  It is because they come like this to receive candy on Halloween....DRESSED EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURES ABOVE!!!!  Saltillo is NOT dirt assed poor.  Believe me.  We all don't live in mud huts and drink dirty water.  They have a Walmart, Mcdonalds, a huge mall, Chilis, Applebees etc here.  So when these kinds of kids come up to my door for Halloween candy and do not wear Halloween costumes...It pisses me off.  Many times I tell them no, I have nothing for them.  They could AT LEAST get some plastic vampire teeth and a little red fake blood on them....
More Asshattery....Guys listen. It is close to Halloween now and you guys want to be out on the town etc...I know I have a Monster themed bar and all but is it REALLY necessary to pee all over the floor at Monster Cafe?  Do you do this ALL over the floor at your houses?  I mean it is disgusting!  Can't you aim your rod and hit the hole?  Even when you are liquored up?  I notice alot of the teenage girls are already knocked up roaming the streets of Saltillo so obviously you hit SOMETHING with them...Just not the floor or the seat por favor!
And try not to piss on the side of the Catholic Church across the street that I see SO many of you do.  I mean I am not religious anymore but hell...Most people in Mexico ARE Catholic.  Pissing on the church is going to piss off someone that sees you.
I know the latest fashions from New York are not here  but really...the Rat Tail?  Come on guys.  You do NOT look cool.  I mean heck this is 2012!  Rat Tails went out with Billy Ray Cyrus in 1986 for Blasted sake! 
Hey you!  Yeah you Asshat! I am talking to you girl.  The one in the blue plaid shirt.  There is a FRICKING ashtray RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!  Stop flicking your asshat ashes on the ground!  Dirtying up my roof.  
And that is that.  Asshattery SO close to Halloween.  I wonder will Controversial Thursday ever be about something positive?  Well it wouldn't be controversial thursday then would it?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Oh yeah...I was around it and knee deep in it.  The 1989 Batman movie was coming out!  I went to it opening night in 1989.  I was 15 at the time.  There was a long line but my friend Aaron Ford and I got to see it.  WHERE are you Aaron?  Damn I miss ya man!  Anyways...Aaron had something to drink that night and puked right in the middle of the line of Batman.  Someone put a newspaper over it and we kept on moving.  I am SO surprised we were not arrested that night at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta.  Aaron was REALLY drunk.   As we got closer to the entrance we were handed these little brocheures.  FIRST time that had ever happened at a movie and probably the last time in my life.

Believe me...I was hardcore to get all of these items.  Never did though.

 Anyways we got in and I sat captivated.  Aaron passed out around 5 minutes into it.  What most impressed me was the merchandise at the time. 
I never owned the Batcave...

In fact I have never owned ANY Batcave...

They even had buttons which I DID get.
Posters were everywhere.  I had a few of them.  I think they made SO many of these that they still cannot get rid of them.
They even made these fantastic Batman fabric tarps.  I had both of these.
This Batman magazine was the bomb.  Read it till the cover wore off. 
Yup...Even had the Batman keychain.  They had a slew of them back then.  It was a truly magical time to be a Batman fan.  I miss that era alot. 
Even the Batman window cling got made.  It was SO cool!  Batman returns and so on tried to measure up to that first outing but never quite made it. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

League assignment- Halloween traditions...

This is Halloween! This is Halloween! What are your Halloween traditions?

Since I have not celebrated Halloween in 18 years due to being a witness I do not have any.  BUT....Since I started Monster Cafe the cafe is usually full on Halloween.  A few years ago we had people in costumes and announced via the music group playing who won for best costume.
This is the only pic I have left of that year....

I think the band is WELL done.  Hopefully more will turn up this year in costume. 
 But like I have blogged about recently we have our first pumpkin!  So really this would be my first in 17 years to get right down to it.  I hope it is a blast.  My mother Nydadivida had a Thanksgiving tradition I remember when I was a lad....Everyone had to say the F word around the table.  Yeah...REALLY great parenting huh?
I am the first Leaguer done it appears.  I will put up three links to other leaguers blogs as soon as they are done.  I notice some asshats not putting other leaguers up at all.  I think they need to RE READ the rules! Branded in the 80s!  Good stuff!!!  Love his blog too!
Geek till it hurts is lining up movies.