Sunday, May 22, 2016


I came across a little lizard trapped in my sink on the terraza.  I almost set him free but then I realized Elvira had not eaten in awhile.  So...a little tupperware later and he was inside the CAGE OF DOOM!

How was he going to escape?  He wasn´t.  It was a battle until the death.  Elvira grabbed ahold of the geico warrior and began chomping down on him.  His little legs kicked but once that venom hit it was all over.

So yeah Elvy usually eats worms and crickets.  To see she could handle something a little bigger made this poppa´s heart proud.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Almost done with these badboys that I had as a kid.  Just need 2 or 3 more.  Gotta tell ya though, this one kinda sucks.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Yeah I have said how much i hate pretty much everything Playmates.  In particular TMNT and the Dick Tracy lines.  But I found one last month at the pulgas and he kind of grew on me.

So much so that I had to have Ray give him a customized yellow trenchcoat!  NOW he looks like ole Dick Tracy.  I gotta say I am pretty happy with this figure even though it goes against everything I hate.  The awkward body mainly.

How cool would it be to get a line of MU style Dick Tracy figures?  Now that I could go for!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Yeah so the cable that uploads my pics to my computer crapped out on me.  Not working.  Gotta buy a new one.  So I haven´t stopped blogging it is just I cannot upload anything.  Hopefully get one of these things tomorrow.

Got alot of repaintings to show off.

Finally got in touch with SeƱor Cruz again.  He made all our metal work for the cafe.  He is going to fix our elevator etc.

BUT I am going to have him do a knight suit of armor in the future.  That will look badass in the cafe.

I still read everyone´s blogs and try to comment.  Real life intrudes sometimes doesn´t it?

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Had Ray paint up some wrestling love for me.

 John Cena came in some boring black tennis shoes...
 Had Ray make em look more natural.  They look amazing now.  Like he is sporting some reeboks!
 Also had Ray do the british flag on the British Bulldog.
Did it on his ole butt too.

I have more coming...It just took Ray a little more time this time around.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


So I got these a few years ago from the comic book shop in Laredo.  I love the black and white movies yet however hate black and white figures!

So Ray went to work...
 These are glorified statues anyways.  They only move their arms.  So I glued them in place.
 Ray added that resin for that wet look.  I love it!

Added some wood and plastic flowers for the base.  So awesome now!

Much better than the black and white no?

I will do the other two at another time.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


I was so stoked when Toybiz released this guy.  But then I got to kaybee toys and huh?  He didn´t look much like his comic book counterpart.  No beak or spikey tail etc.
They should have made the one from the comic.  But even then...Victor Stegron had combined his DNA with dinosaur stuff!  Dinosaurs are HUGE!  The character should have been Hulksized.

When I received him in a cheapo broken toy lot I knew Ray had to go to work fast.
 AS you can see mine came with no lower jaw.  Oh no!  Eh, Ray will fix it good.
Not to mention that but his frickin leg was broken off too.  You could not tell that from the Ebay photo.  It looked intact...  Damage control!
 Remember Manspider was mutated and fought back against the Lizard in part one.
 But what is this?  Stegron appears!
He bops Manspider on  the head!
The bop changes Manspider back to Spiderman!  Stegron scoops him up.
The Toybiz Stegron never looked betta!  Ray did awesomely!  Look at that custom tail!
The beak looks great!

So thrilled to have Stegron actually LOOK like Stegron!