Saturday, March 24, 2018


Traded some more spanish DVD´s I had for some VHS in english.
 Got a few more.  Most I have never seen before.  Now I just need a frickin VCR!
That is my entire meager little collection now.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Well after living here for 11 years....I have come to recognize some awesome blessings.
                                                              1. MEDICAL COSTS
I have detailed 3 years ago when I slipped and broke my arm in 4 places.  No insurance.  Xrays, temporary cast, consultant with the doctor, and a pain shot.  How much would that be in the U.S.?  I checked.  3 grand.  It was 70 dollars here.  SO cheap.  Got all my teeth free from cavaties and white resin put over them.  Cost me $50.  I plan on doing porceline implants one day.  Oh and hair restoration too.

There is MUCH more freedom here than in the U.S.  If I want to put a pond in my backyard....I just do it.  No stupid EPA inspectors to come out to give one a ticket that they are destroying the enviroment like in the U.S.  I heard one lady got a fine for $35,000 because she put a SMALL koi pond in her backyard.  
I can protect my home how I see fit here.  See the steel window I had made?  I even have metal spikes and barbed wire covering my rooftops.  It is common here.  You could never protect your home that way in the U.S.  If a thief hurt themselves breaking into your home in the states he can sue you....and win.  Ridiculous!


The property tax on my 7 bedroom home is $25 a year.  That is right.  Twenty five dollars.  A two bedroom home in Tenn is $1,400 in property tax.  Ugh!

I felt really unsafe in Atlanta.  Got called so many derogatory names in da hood I dare cannot count.  I can walk around this city at midnight and be in relative peace.  Not so in downtown Atlanta.


Had this Electric Chair made.  $25 down here.  How much would this be in ole GA?  $300?  Who knows.  I have had many things made here for a cost of next to nothing.  Love that about Mexico.  I estimated my monster cafe would cost half a million or more in the states.  I did it for 75% off.

No one gives a crap down here.  I love it.  I can have my monster cafe how I want it without forking over licensing fees to Universal or Karloff´s greedy daughter etc.  Heck, I could make a Star Wars restaurant if I wanted to.

I never had a chance with any gal in the U.S.  They all want money and a nice home etc.  Heck even one woman I knew wanted to review a guy´s bank account BEFORE they had their first date.  The girls I dated in the states were ALL looking for the BDD.  The bigger and better deal.  I once got dumped by a girl in Atlanta because I didn´t have a car.  Her next boyfriend had one...Go figure.  I got my beautiful wife just by being a nice guy.  That was all it took.  I could have never had a chance with my wife had she been a spoiled entitled USA princess.

Yeah, we got mint jelly down here.  We also have Burger King, Sam´s Club, Mcdonalds, petco, chinese food, subway, Home Depot and frickin Chuck E Cheese etc.  When people think of Mexico they think it is poor etc.  Not so.  The only thing I am missing down here is a good Toys R Us, Olive Garden, and Taco bell...but since I own a restaurant I can have my chef make anything I want to so...And in the states Toys R Us is out of business now...


You can take a class on anything here.  Krav Maga, Taekwando, cooking classes, knitting classes, the works!  There is always something to do here.  How much are classes in the U.S.?  Bookoo dinero my friends.

We got beaches just a few short hours away.  We got mountains too.  Heck we have a ski lodge 40 minutes from me.  SO diverse.

Yup.  The Texas border is just 4 hours away.  I can go to a comic book convention and GET the aformentioned Taco Bell, Olive Garden etc.  

So...that is just a few of the blessings I have found here.  Not too shabby.  The only things I miss are English being spoken as the dominant language.  But there are many universities around here.  Guess what language is the most dominantly taught?  English.  Many people speak it here.

Friday, March 9, 2018


Yesiree...I am going to catch up to 100 years or so....But hey I am have been starting for years.  Trouble is...NO VHS in Mexico in English.  I am starting way behind the 8 ball here.
So imagine my shock that my neighbor had these.  I only had to trade 8 beers to get em!  Pretty good huh?
Yup!  Well on my way....Titanic and MI2 were in spanish so I traded them back in for 2 others.  Giddy up! 

Sunday, February 25, 2018


Yeah...I have had nothing to post in over a month.  No money for figures etc.  Saving to fix our delapidated columns at the cafe.
 The columns of the cafe are made with sand!
 SAND!!!!  Who makes anything with sand except castles?
7 years has not been kind to them....So we done fixin dem!
 YES!  No more water damage.
 We mixed the sand with concrete.  We hope we never have this problem ever again.
White and beautiful.  Did I just say that?  Uh oh, my columns must be racist...

Hope to have some figures some day if EVER my ship comes in.  It is still docked.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


So we decided to go out to the mall to have a bite to eat.  
Saw this cute little dog all dressed up.  We had to take a photo.
The mall had all kinds of Christmas crap around.
They love worshipping their trees don´t they?
Just wanted to get my wifey up against those pretty lights.
Uh oh, looks like that glacier is cracking.
Jesus was not born on December 25th.  Impossible.  We know he lived 33 and a half years.  We also know he died in April  So count back 6 months from April.  That does not bring one to December 25th but rather October 1st.
 Went by the Egyptian store.  Makes me think I am in the Mummy movies.
Uh oh...Karloff´s mummy lives!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

PULGAS RUN 8! Strange apparitions!

Had no money once again...but we went to the old flea market.  Got 2 goodies that were on my list. Traded 2 Jakks BCA´s...
Toybiz Dr. Strange and Total Justice Batman!  Had them both when they originally came out in 97-98...but alas, when Dad died I sold my collection.  Ugh.  I will have to redo these guys with some nifty capes.  Fix them right on up!

They also had the imaginext Supernova there that is a wishlist item for sure.  I just do NOT have the space for that frickin thing.  Eh, perhaps next year.  We went on December 24th.  Very few dealers were there.  Very few people were there.  I thought it would be packed.  Got these two beauties.  Only around a thousand more toys to go.

I am surprised I have not found one single Reaction figure down here.  I am sure the kids have no idea who those characters when they hit I am sure I will hit the motherload.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


I did not want to see this film considering I hated the Force Awakens so much.  BUT there was an idiot on the Friday the 13th website that couldn´t help but to spoil it in a meme.  He got blocked by me so no more of those shenanigans...

So before anything else got out to me, Wifey and I went to see it.
 We arrived around 1pm.  Movie started in 5 minutes.
 The poster looks badass.
Considering I was born in 72 I am one of the ones qualified to review this movie.  I was born at a time when Star Wars did not exist.  The ones after 1977 will have no idea what a non star wars planet is like and are thus unqualified to review it.  I love pure elitism.  I realize I run a Monster Cafe.  By my own rules....I cannot be a true fan of the monsters as I was not alive in 1931 when Frankenstein came out.  I have no problem saying it.  BUT I got Star Wars covered...

However this is where it gets WEIRD!  We are the only two in the theater.  Then it starts....So the entire theater is empty....And the two people that I am taking a picture of...Sit exactly behind us.  You have a hundred seats to pick from and you pick the ones directly behind us.  WEIRDOS!  Seriously.  So Wifey and I move back two rows....
Then 5 minutes later 3 people come in.  Guess where they decide to sit?  RIGHT beside us!  WEIRDOS!  Again you have hundreds of empty seats and complete rows to yourself...and you sit right beside us.  SO..........Wifey and I decide to sit at the very top of the theater.  What is WITH these weirdos?  So as Wifey and I were getting up we looked at them like they were crazy.  One actually grabbed my wife´s arm and said sit down.  She snapped her arm out of his grasp and said what the heck was he doing....So please when going to the theater do not be a weirdo.  A total of 7 people watched the Last Jedi.  Enough for every person to have their own row.  Do not sit right next or right behind people in an EMPTY theater.
 Wifey and I loved the movie.  It was better than part 7 for sure.  I did not feel the dieversity being shoved down my throat as badly as that one.

What I thought....A certain boyhood hero´s death kinda sucked.  Would have liked a more dramatic finish.  Yoda did not look right.  What else....The little chickens in the Millenium Falcon in the trailer I thought were going to be the next Jarjar and a groan from me.  But they didn´t turn out like that.  They didn´t bother me after all.  Surprised about the death of Snoke.  Thought he was going to be a big reveal villain.  I laugh at the fanboys for that one.  Many a youtube video space was wasted at trying to guess his identity....

I concur with another reviewer that it did indeed feel like a third part though.  It is a FAR cry from 1977 when I saw Star Wars in the theater.  Before all this New Hope crap.